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C-Spot is:

Suzanne Pickering, lead vocals

Suzanne Pickering, lead vocals

I am a semi-retired EMT who worked many years on the ambulance running 9-1-1 calls in Manchester, Nashua and Epping. I grew up being a huge lover of music of all genres.  I always knew I wanted to sing.

In 2011, I won Best New Country Female Vocalist in the 24th annual New Hampshire Country Music Association competition.  I was flown to Tennessee where I competed in the Nationals.  I have wonderful memories to last a lifetime from that trip.

Over the years I've had the privilege and honor to join many of my friends' bands, singing both lead and harmonies.  I've been lucky to meet a lot of talented vocalists and musicians along the way.

For a while I had my own band Full Moon which was a sheer joy.   Now I am excited to be part of C-Spot.  I'm enjoying singing the songs I grew up with, backed up by such talented musicians.  We immediately clicked as a group.  I consider them my band family!

[Right back at ya, Suzanne.  It's nice to know we're in such good hands if we collapse on stage.]

Jon Gabay, bass, vocals

Jon Gabay, bass, vocals
I am a mad scientist with no hostility. I don't want to blow up the world or rule it. I just want to make it better. I spend my time working with alternative energy, robotics, automation technology, sustainable organic farming, teaching continuing education classes, writing articles, and playing with toys. If I had to classify myself, I guess I would be a Gizmologist.

I've loved classic rock since it was new rock. Great music and great artists. I am so happy to finally be with a group of seasoned and talented players who can do the more challenging tunes I appreciated back in the days. I'm looking forward to a lot of fun gigs, good music, good people, and good times. The joy is in the journey.

Ron Jacques, drums, vocals

Ron Jacques, drums, vocals

I started playing drums at about 11 or 12 years old, on a friend’s set. Through school I played in garage bands and marching band, then at local musical theatre groups through my early twenties. For several years I only played sporadically while running and growing my own business in the Midwest. But when time once more became available, got swept away by drums again. I started restoring and customizing vintage drums, and building new ones from scratch, and now I play only my own drums. Though continuing to jam with many local musicians, I managed to find one band that stayed together for over six years, playing gigs regularly and developing a local following. I had to say goodbye to that band when I moved back to New England, but I’m ready for more.

I’m excited to have found the other members of C-Spot. We are playing the music I’ve been listening to my entire life, but never had the chance to play. The bigger the challenge, the better. After one rehearsal we knew we could play together. This is going to be fun!

Dean "Dr. Dream" Rubine, keyboards  

Dean "Dr. Dream" Rubine, keyboards  
I'm just so thrilled to finally be in a band that can do justice to the music that growing up meant so much to me and so many others.  My formative years were the late sixties and early seventies, when AM Top 40 radio was just a mixture of all kinds of music, effortlessly shifting from Motown to Moody Blues to Sammy Davis Jr. Of course I love that early FM rock as well.  My goal for this band is to give the music the respect it deserves, trying to capture detail often overlooked.

I've been in many obscure bands over the past 40 years, including Zone Bleue, The Morphic Resonance Ensemble, The Iron Cheezeballs, The Rockoffs, Waive, Harry Bovik and the Algorhythms, Zalar, Medium Cool and Chochamo.  In the NH seacoast area, I was in Dead Ahead until it imploded a couple of years ago.  These days you might find me playing with Old School Monday nights at the Dolphin Striker in Portsmouth or backing up Adam Brown at the occasional Mystery Tramps gig.   Every February Jim Schliestett and I take the RPM Challenge and make a record of original music as $ense.

As for the rest, I have a wonderful family - wife, kids, dog, usual story.  I used to be a college professor but now I'm a computer programmer at an investment firm.   I occasionally blog about the Oyster River School Board and politics.  My hobby is figuring out keyboard parts from classic rock songs so I can play them for you.

Jeff Simpson, guitar, vocals

Jeff Simpson, guitar, vocals
I started playing the ukulele when I was five. Growing up in a college town there was a constant exposure to new ideas, different genres, myriad influences. This is my ninth band. I have taken a few breaks over the years for all the right reasons, but now I am returning to music. The love of music never left. My goal is to play the lower 48 states. I have played in nine states so far.

It didn't work out with Rick, but we still love him.

Founding and former member Rick Welch, lead vocals, flute, harmonica, percussion, guitar

Rick Welch, lead vocals, flute, harmonica, percussion, guitar
Hi; I'm Rick, official Black Sheep of the clan. Good times, bad times all the way. I've been:

Kicked out of college
In tons of fights
Had my heart broken more than once
Seen more than my share of death
A soldier
A teacher
A father
Fucked with in general for my world view and opinions
Almost dead more than once
A championship coach 28 times

 Now I am a boat captain and play with this outfit...

It's better to burn out than fade away.

The Vikings had it right...

All photos by Jen Kimball -- thanks Jen!

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