Decode the Logo


Now that we've changed the name to CRock, we can dissect the old banner.  It has a bunch of visual puns of C-Spot you can find.

The hundred dollar bill is a C note or a C spot.

Top left next to the 100 there's an agent dragging marijuana after a bust.  He's seizing pot.

Top right next to the 100 is Calgary, also known as the C Spot.

Federal Reserve SPOT

The woman's anatomy indicates some interesting places by their first initial, including the C Spot.

Bottom left, C followed by a spot.

Bottom left by the 100 is an island, a sea spot.

That dog is looking at himself in the mirror.  He see's Spot.

The guy on TV is selling vitamin C.  It's a Vitamin C spot.

I can't remember what that pottery is supposed to be, some kind of C pot.

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